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When considering Hoists for your job, warehouse, or plant, the logic seems simple…Load…lift…lever…and lifting capacity. The question then is; why are so many companies out there that compete in the hoist market? We understand there are different hoists for different functions, but everyone seems to make everything, and the specs can become daunting.

At Hoistwholesale.com, we stand on a single principle…experience carries weight, much like a hoist. Among our more compact workhorses, we turn toward the over 80 years’ experience with the R&M hoist. Their experience in overhead manual, electric chain, and wire rope hoists has come to mean quality in the industry.

When looking for a close quarter hoist, maybe because space constraints, cost restrictions, or just the need to have an addition small and affordable second option looking into an R&M hoist is always a great place to start. With an R&M hoist, as you look over the specs, you will find that their 80+ years has brought them to think of things that you would never have imagined, but upon seeing, realize that they help to prolong the life and serviceability of the units…things like multiple mounting options to serve your specific needs, trolley brakes, drop lugs, and bumpers as standard features, and some even have sealed dust-proof braking systems which prove to last the life of the hoist.

Yes…80 years of knowing what can go wrong means your R&M hoist will be a right decision. Hoistwholesale.com as the best wire rope hoist supplier carries both the R&M Materials Handling Inc. Electric Chain Hoist and the Wire Rope Hoist models. When you want a hoist that will bear the load over and over…with little worry or maintenance…Your R&M hoist will be waiting.

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