Manual Chain Hoist

In the age of iphones, facebook, and a generation who looks shocked and terrified at the very aspect of manual labor…one might ask, why would anyone ever even consider a manual chain hoist when technology has given us everything electronic?.

It is a good question and does deserve an answer. Primarily, a manual chain hoist is much less expensive than its electronic counterpart, sold by the best electric hoist supplier
. And if issues of speed are not important and material movement is much less frequent, they can be the go to product. Also as an entirely mechanical device, they require much less maintenance, and seldom have issues or problems with them when they are properly maintained. The final advantage of the manual chain hoist is that because of the nature of the hoist, they prove themselves much more accurate when absolutely accurate positioning of the load is vital, such as when installing or removing tools and dies from machinery.

On the downside…yes, you know there is always a downside. Manual chain hoists are manual. This means sweat equity investment in moving a load rather than pressing a button. This really comes to bear when lifting heavy loads. For example, in order to lift a 5 ton load by hand, you need to pull over 200 feet of chain at 80 Lb. of force to lift your load 1 foot.

I am quite sure that the new generations looks of shock has returned, because no one ever needs to move that large load only a foot. However, we have validated the unique applications and the need for the manual chain hoist. And it is true that no other type of hoist can seem to compare to the accuracy capable of them…but in the long run…there is a hoist for every job and a job for every hoist. When you need to look into what you need, or even talk to someone who might be able to recommend the right hoist for your unique situation, call the customer service staff at and you will be met with a friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable staff to help you make the right choices in all your crane and hoist decisions.

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