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R&M Electric Chain Hoist Brochure

R&M Lodemate Electric Chain HoistFlexibility to meet your
exact requirements

  • R&M LoadMate® electric chain hoists offer a range of choices for a wide variety of applications.
  • 1/8 to 5 ton capacities (125 - 5000 kg).
  • Choice of 3 standard mounting configurations: fixed top hook, push trolley and motorized trolley (custom mounting configurations also available).
  • 10, 15 and 20 ft. lifts standard; additional lifting heights available up to 150 ft. single fall, 75 ft. two fall.
  • R&M LoadMate electric chain hoist lift speeds from 8 to 32 FPM single-speed, 12/3 to 64/16 FPM twospeed, 1 - 16 to 4 - 64 FPM variable speed inverter, 0.16 to 5.7 HP hoist motors.
  • Variable speed, three phase models with hoist inverter control available for 1/2 - 2 ton capacity LM10 models and for 460/3/60 power supply only.
  • R&M LoadMate Electric chain hoists are available for single phase and three phase.
  • Two speed, three phase hoist motors and controls available for all models and for 208, 230, 460, 575/3/60 or 380/3/50 power supply.
  • Single speed, three phase hoist motors and controls available for R&M LoadMate LM05 and LM10 models and reconnectable for 208, 230 or 460/3/60 power supply.
  • 115 volt single phase hoists - single speed only.
  • Three phase hoist motors are class F insulated, 50% effective duty rated.
  • Two-speed TMU trolley drive unit (trolley speed is 80/20 FPM). Trolley brake, drop lugs and bumpers are standard. Variable frequency drive option on TMU.
  • Trolley control panel integrally mounted to the motor.


Ease of Operation:
Innovative design enhances versatility and ease of use

The R&M LoadMate electric chain hoist uses Premium-grade, AGMA rated * precision gearing that contributes to the hoist’s compact, low-headroom design, low noise level and smooth operation.

  • Integral hoist control panel encloses all electrical components (hoist contactors, transformer, terminal strips, etc.) and is easily accessed for maintenance.
  • Easy trolley mounting attachment meets various application requirements. Slot in top of hoist body allows easy changeover of top hook, push trolley or motorized trolley mountings.
  • Crown tread wheels standard on push and motorized trolleys, for use on standard I-beams and wide flange beams.
  • Plug-in push button pendant with E-stop for quick replacement is standard


Reduced Maintenance: Quality keeps your hoist on
the job long past the pay-off point.

The R&M LoadMate® electric chain hoists are designed to run cool and maximize the life of gears, brakes and motors. Longer component life means less maintenance, less downtime and lower repair costs.

  • Sealed brake keeps out lubricants.
  • The R&M LoadMate hoist brake and load limiter are both adjustable and adjust independently of each other.
  • Hoist gearboxes: LM1: AGMA10, LM05 & LM10: AGMA 11 and LM16/25: AGMA 12.
  • Traveling gearboxes: AGMA 10.

R&M Electric Chain Hoist Gearbox


  • Minimum AGMA 10 heat treated gearing
  • Grease lubricant on LM01-LM10 models. Gear oil for LM16-LM25
  • Quiet gear train – < 75 db

R&M LoadMate Electric Chain Hoist Chain Guide


  • One piece heavy duty pressure cast aluminum chain guide at entry point
  • One piece heavy duty ductile iron chain guide above load sprocket
  • Main entry point chain guide can be easily removed (only 1 bolt and 4 limit switch wires) WITHOUT disassembling hoist
  • Micro switches for hoist travel limit mounted in chain guide for easy maintenance

R&M LoadMate Electric chain hoist motor


  • Heavy duty type 40% to 50%+ ED rating (exceeds 30 min rating) on three pahse motors
  • IP55 protection
  • Optimum cooling with ribbed aluminum construction motor for maximum surface area
  • Frames LM16, LM20 and LM25 include cooling fan
  • Motor temperature protection with auto reset klixon bi-metal switch as standard

R&M LoadMate Electric Chain Hoist Load Sprocket


  • 5 pockets on LM01, 05, 10, 20 & 25 and 6 pockets on LM16 for smoother load distribution
  • 5 pocket load sprockets last 25% longer than the 4 pocket load sprockets provided by many other hoist manufacturers. Also chain wear from link to link is greatly reduced due to smaller shock factor
  • High quality grade 80, zinc electro plated load chain from the LARGEST GLOBAL SUPPLIERS OF CHAIN

R&M LoadMate Electric Chain Hoist Torque Limiter


ADDITIONAL SAFETY - In an overload situation, releasing the up or down buttons of the LM01, LM05 or LM10 automatically stops the load even if the load limiter is slipping

  • DC brake for quiet operation
  • Easy to check and easy to adjust brake air gap on LM01 - LM10 units. Self-adjusting brake on LM16 - LM25 units
  • Brake can be replaced without resetting torque limiter
  • EXTERNAL TORQUE LIMIT ADJUSTMENT - Easy to adjust. Just remove rubber cover, insert socket and turn!
  • The best hoist torque limiter / brake design in the industry!